What’s In a Name – Is It Naïve or Something Else?

Last year I showed some prints of my paintings to my friend Peter Silverman, the noted Parisian renaissance art broker (who, incidentally, discovered the ‘Principessa’ attributed to Leonardo Da Vinci that was much in the news, and which I riffed on in the picture “The Princess in Black and Gold” http://www.charleslewisart.com/surreal-visions-paintings/detail/the-roar-of-the-universe/). His first impression was that I fell into the ‘naïve’ camp. This is a frequent European view. On other occasions, I seem to be lumped into the genre of ‘outsider’ art. In the art world, the words people use to categorize art are important, and can easily lead to... Continue reading »

Magick and Transformation in Jupiter7’s ‘Strange Visions’ Paintings

Magick and Transformation in Jupiter7’s ‘Strange Visions’ PaintingsBy Jacques BeauzotAnother post from critic Jacques Beauzot. (reprinted and translated from the elusive guerilla Parisian online art journal, Art Primitif.)My recent fascination with Jupiter7 continues as I have had more opportunity to see the artist’s works in the original. I recently saw two paintings, “Gruoc” and “Village Life,” in the private viewing room of an ‘underground’ dealer in San Francisco, who occasionally manages to persuade the artist to release pictures for possible “impermanent lease” as Jupiter7 calls his conditions of sale. These pictures could hardly be more different from one another, even... Continue reading »

Expressions of an Inner Space – Jupiter7’s World of Wonders

By Peter Simplex, art editorCommittee on Symbolic ActivitiesIn one day, one hour really, my gloom about the state of painting lifted and I laughed. My brain laughed, and I got out a good belly laugh too. I entered the world of Jupiter7. This is a virtually unknown artist from California who has, shall we say, an extra-social view of the art world. Last week I received a mysterious phone call from an English art collector commanding me to a special viewing of Jupiter7 original paintings, brought together as a one-time event by the handful of his collectors in the UK... Continue reading »